Square Enix VP says portable MMO ‘possible’

Say what you will about Square Enix, but they make pretty games. With the case of Final Fantasy XIV, they make a pretty game that a lot of people can play together. But here’s an odd one, what about a pretty game that lot’s of people can play together and on a portable system? That’s a special concoction indeed.

And it’s possible, at least according to Square Enix’s VP of software, Hiromichi Tanaka in a discussion with VideoGamer mentioned that the portable consoles we play every day are capable of running some form of an MMO. “Yes, I believe it’s definitely possible. The DS and PSP both have networking systems implemented, so it’s definitely do-able,” he says. he later went on to say that “…if it’s built specifically for DS or PSP that’s definitely possible, even on the current technology.”

Of course this is all speculative, but it is nice to see one of the biggest devs around talk about the potential for MMO gameplay outside of a PC. Sure, it would take a paradigm shift for most of us, but it’s nice to see that something like this could be possible.

FF14 Interview [Videogamer via MTV Multiplayer]

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