Square Enix updated Final Fantasy VII Remake for the first time (but not to improve that door)

Update 1.01 seemingly just fixes ‘various bugs’

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Unlike every other big game released in 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t gotten many patches. Actually, Square Enix only updated the game once – and it happened today, six months after launch.

Reports are starting to come in that FFVII Remake update 1.01 has rolled out in certain regions, but at the time of writing, it’s not yet available for download in the United States. Before you plan your next playthrough, it’s worth stressing that this is a comparatively minor update meant to fix “various bugs.”

[Update: Patch 1.01 released in the US, and yep, the official notes are just “fixed various bugs.”

With that said, there isn’t a breakdown. Some players have speculated that the late-game “vent bug” might be addressed, and that seems like a safe bet. Otherwise, I haven’t heard of any major glitches.

Oh, you’re wondering about the infamous door and other low-res textures?

They’re the same as always. 1.01 isn’t a silver bullet for “level-of-detail” complaints.

Larger-scale changes will have to come down the road, potentially in a PlayStation 5-optimized version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. That’s what I’d expect, anyway. We’ll see if Square Enix follows through. With the way the stars are aligning, I might be ready for a replay right before Remake Part 2 drops.

After half a year, FFVIIR gets its first update (ver. 1.01) [ResetEra]

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