Square Enix to keep the Eidos brand name

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Square has a thing for companies with names that start with the letter E. As you know, Square Enix has been preparing to buy up publisher Eidos, makers of Tomb Raider and several other games that aren’t nearly as popular as Tomb Raider. That deal is now done, and it seems like Eidos will continue on as they have been, with very little in the way of operating changes.

GamesIndustry.biz says that Eidos will keep the same CEO and staff, and that there are no plans to remove or add franchises at this point. Eidos boss Phil Rogers sounds pretty positive about the whole transition:

“In terms of how we see the fit, the test for any announcement or transaction like this is how people feel internally. I think people here think that it feels very right, that it strategically fits well, and there’s a great deal of excitement now around the business.”

We’ll have to wait and see how this new partnership affects Eidos’ products in the end. My guess? All of their characters will have much better hair now. Also more belt buckles.

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