Square Enix survey asks: Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 or 360

After seeing Final Fantasy XIII‘s sales numbers (about 828k for PS3, 494k for Xbox 360), Square Enix wants to know why you purchased the game on the system you bought the game for. 

And when I say “you” I mean the hardcore Square Enix fans. You know, the ones that actually register as members on their site. You know, like me. I am a fu*king nerd (and a fanboy?), so I have two copies for PS3, one Japanese and one English.

The Square Enix member page has this survey up now, open to registered members.

Hell, I’d love to know the reason, too. I’d bet Square Enix never tells. I’d also bet that this is the last Xbox 360 Final Fantasy. Word got out that the PS3 version was more polished. Was that it? On top of that, in my case, I just wanted to use my PS3 system and controller.

What system did you purchase Final Fantasy XIII for, and for what reason?

Square Enix wants to know why you purchased Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 or Xbox 360 [scrawlfx]

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