Square Enix shows off new figures at TGS

Some 2B & some rumour fodder

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Square Enix may be best known as video games publisher but the company has its fingers in many pies from manga publishing to running arcade stores in Japan. But aside from their home video games, their next best known products are probably their figures and merchandising from their titles.

And at Tokyo Games Show, they went and showed off some of their future products. Some are actually reworkings of previous releases to reflect newer titles, such as Terra Bradford and Lightning now looking like their Dissidia NT design or Cloud Strife in his “new” Final Fantasy VII remake design (remember, that’s still a thing!). Others are new, such as the Wanzers and Vincent Valentine.

But there are two particular displays which pique particular interest. Firstly are the figures of 2B from NieR: Automata. I know many people have been asking “where are the 2B figures?” even since the game was released and Square Enix have gotten out of the gate first with an unpainted fixed pose figure and a Play-Arts, excuse me, Bring Arts kai figure. I’m sure those will be very popular, even if Play-Arts Kai figures in general aren’t all that.

The other thing of note is actually the same as what they showed at the Summer wonder festival but it’s still worth noting. And that is lineart of a Bring Arts figure for Weltall from Xenogears! Does this mean anything for the game itself? Unlikely, but it should be noted that Square Enix doesn’t usually release figures from a title just randomly. We got new Wanzers along with a reveal for Left Alive, which is set in the Front Mission universe so who knows? Don’t hold your breath for a sequel or continuation though. The licensing rights for the series as a whole is all over the place, but a re-release or remake? 

Tantalising thought, isn’t it?

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