Square Enix says only Japan gets the Final Fantasy XIII demo, also, Dia Walruva

There was some talk about a demo of Final Fantasy XIII shipping with the Blu Ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but according to a recent post on videogaming247, the US can forget it — Square Enix has confirmed this only applies to the Japanese release of Advent Children. Thanks, Square … it’s not like we were looking forward to it or anything.

On top of all this, the name of the female protaganist has finally emerged as well, and it’s Dia Walruva. Which I just do not like. In fact, all I hear out of that last name is walrus vulva, as you can see in the header above. I do not approve, but seeing as Final Fantasy XII did not thrill me I am not all that hyped about this release anyway. I’m hoping for a more of a pleasant surprise with this game. What do you think?


Colette Bennett