Square Enix saves guilds from the trouble of vomiting, boss will be fixed

As we reported previously, there is a Notorious Monster in Final Fantasy XI that is really hard. So hard, in fact, that you can fight it for over 18 hours and get nothing but vomit and tears to prove your mettle. Recently, Kotaku reported that Square Enix is going to fix the issue.  

An update to Final Fantasy XI’s official site pointed out that this “issue of major unrest in the community” needed “alterations [to] prevent such battles from exceeding a certain predetermined length of time.” Square apparently has some sort of shut-off counter when it comes to Notorious Monsters, and the vomit clan approached Panemonium Warden using “unanticipated methods” which then led to the whole “I’m getting literally sick from playing this game” issue.

The update will roll out in September and will hopefully alleviate the need for water bottles and puke buckets for those that plan to brave Pandemonium Warden.  

Brad BradNicholson