Square Enix remix CD Love SQ now up on iTunes

I’m always happy when game music gets some US lovin’, and today Square Enix is treating with an early release of the remix album Love SQ.

Really slick arrangements of twelve great songs from games like Crono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Romancing SaGa, and Legend of Mana are on Love SQ. Each song blends old 8-bit chippy sounds with modern day beats and samples, making for an interesting listen. I love De De Mouse’s arrangement of “Eternal Wind,” and the treatment of “Frog’s Theme” is a crowd-pleaser, coming complete with 16-bit croak samples.

If I could ask you to do one thing, I’d ask that you at least download a song to tell Square Enix that we dig these kinds of releases here in the United States.

Love SQ is on iTunes now. $9.90 for the full album. Go!

[via OSV]

Dale North