Square Enix releases a 20 CD boxset for the Saga series

Square Enix leads the pack (in Japan, at least) as a company proud of their games’ musical scores, working to release soundtracks for these titles for all who will listen. I, for one, am glad that they go through the effort, as I’m a big fan of game music. Square Enix Music has put together some big collections and fancy boxsets, but this newest release takes the cake as far as size goes. And get this: it’s not for Final Fantasy music.

Set to release in August, the SaGa Series 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack -PREMIUM BOX- will come with 20 CDs and 1 DVD. Every original soundtrack for every SaGa series game will be included in this massive set, which OSV says is the largest game soundtrack set ever released.

Pre-orders have already started for this release in Japan, which will cost fans 21,000 yen (almost $220). That’s a lot of money, but that’s also a lot of music, and a fine collectible. There is some great music in the SaGa series, with Unlimited SaGa having some of the best game score I’ve ever heard. 

Dale North