Square Enix release fourth patch for Chrono Trigger PC port

Long-term repair job

A fourth update has gone live for the PC re-release of Square Enix 1995 SNES classic,  Chrono Trigger. This patch is the latest in a series of updates that are attempting, bit-by-bit, to address a host of complaints rallied against the title upon its February release.

This latest fix mainly address Chrono Trigger’s UI and menu sub-system, including changes to visual appearance and screen layout, as well as providing a much smoother experience for players using controllers or keyboards. Alongside these changes are some undisclosed general bug fixes.

And the beat goes on, a fifth patch is already being worked on in order to allow plays to redefine their controls. This will allow for button bindings to be switched around to suit your own playstyle. There is no specific date for the next patch, but is expected in late July.

Chrono Trigger is available now on PC, Nintendo DS and mobile devices.

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