Square Enix PSOne games coming to PSN

It has been somewhat discouraging to watch how Sony has handled the availability of classic PSOne games on the PlayStation Network. It’s great that you can download these reasonably priced games on your PS3 and also play them on your PSP, but it doesn’t really matter when they’re games like Jet Moto. Sorry, Jet Moto fans. The only ones I’ve felt were worth downloading so far were Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Wild Arms.

Square Enix has us covered now. Hopefully. They’ve passed word on to GamesIndustry.biz that 12 PSOne classics are coming to the PlayStation Network. There’s no word on specific titles, but you can probably guess a few. I know there have to be some nerdy delights among the planned releases 

The Japanese PSN already has six Squeenix titles available, including Einhänder, Raystorm, and a personal favorite, Xenogears. Hopefully we’ll see these titles make it here.

Have you used the PSOne download feature on the PS3 or PSP? What other Square Enix titles would you like to see released?

[Thanks, coonskin05]

Dale North