Square Enix Presents is a new Nintendo Direct-like stream ‘series,’ and the first one debuts on March 18

It’ll run for around 40 minutes

But, it’s not even the “summer of streams” yet!

Alas, every publisher and their brother is getting a stream, and now Square Enix is ready to announce their next project: Square Enix Presents. It’s a new Nintendo Direct-like video program, and it’s described as a “series of shows,” so we’re getting more than just the upcoming March 18 debut, folks.

It’s crazy how diverse Square Enix’s catalog is at this point, but updates for Life is Strange, Outriders, Just Cause mobile, Marvel’s Avengers, Balan Wonderworld are announced, as far as specific titles go. In the broader picture, they’ll “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider somehow, and show us “new mobile game announcements,” as well as what TAITO (Bubble Bobble) has been working on.

The exact time for the first Square Enix Presents stream is 1PM ET on March 18, and it will last “approximately 40 minutes.” You can find a full list of everything the publisher intends to showcase below.

  • World premiere of the next game in the Life is Strange series

  • Outriders, the high-intensity RPG-shooter set in an original dark and desperate sci-fi universe, coming out on April 1

  • Balan Wonderworld, which arrives on March 26

  • The ongoing celebration for the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider

  • Marvel’s Avengers, the story-driven, third-person action-adventure game from Crystal Dynamics 

  • Upcoming action shooter Just Cause Mobile

  • New mobile game announcements from the award-winning Square Enix Montréal studio

  • A look at a few of the whimsical games from Square Enix sister company TAITO

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