Square Enix predicts CGI-level graphics in next gen

Square Enix has been predicting the state of graphics in the next generation, believing that developers will be able to make use of techniques currently utilized by CGI artists. In other words, shit be lookin’ good!

“I think that we’re still going to see a big leap in graphics,” said worldwide tech director Julien Merceron. “In terms of technology I think we’ll see developers taking advantage of physically-based rendering, physically-based lighting. I think people will take advantage of global illumination, or at least some form approximation of global illumination, so that could have a significant impact on graphics quality.

“It’s going to enable new forms of art direction, but it’s also going to enable deeper convergence between multiple media – being able to share more assets horizontally between movies, TV series and games. This means that when you’re doing a cartoon, or when you’re doing an animated movie, you could think about an art direction for the game that could be far closer [than current tie-ins]. Obviously it won’t be the same, because the processing power won’t be there, but you can think about art directions being way closer. And you can think about assets being re-used.”

There will be so many graphics in videogames!

Square Enix: Next gen to bring ‘a big leap’ in graphics [Videogamer]

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