Square Enix opens European online store, wants so much money

If you’re a Square Enix fan living in Europe, you might be interested to know that the Final Fantasy publisher has opened up an online store specifically for you and the huge mountain of gold that it thinks you have locked in a secret treasure room.

According to the site, “all orders must exceed £23.00 (€29,00) (including tax) to be processed.” Somehow, I don’t think that will be a problem, considering that such trinkets as this £367.99 Cloud Strife toy are on sale. There are people in this country that are going to buy that — fact.

Unfortunately, this store is not open to Northern Ireland, but Squeenix is apparently working on it. You’ll have to make do with buying ivory backsratchers before spending your huge piles of cash on pendants and fake buster swords.

Jim Sterling