Square Enix not even thinking about Xbox 360 version of XIII yet

Square Enix shocked the world at last month’s Microsoft E3 press conference by actually making the event interesting for once. We all know by now that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360, but while a lot of people are talking about it, Square Enix isn’t even thinking about it.

“We haven’t changed the direction of the development,” stated director Motomu Toriyama at the ludicrously named DK Sigma3173 event. “We’re making the PS3 version first, and then porting to the 360 later.”

The team does not even have an Xbox 360 dev kit yet, which should calm down hyperactive Sony-loving babies who think that Squeenix doesn’t love them best anymore. It should, but it won’t. 

“I’m telling [the development team] to not think about the Xbox 360 right now. We can think about it after the development kits arrive,” Toriyama added. “Right now, we’re fully concentrating on the PS3 version.”

Makes sense, of course. XIII started out as a PS3 project, so it’s only sensible to concentrate on making sure that’s finished first, rather than stretch the team thin. With all that said, we now return to I HAT U $QUARE ENIX U R TEH TRAITERZ HOW COULD U DO THIS TO MEEEEEE?!

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