Square Enix makes an offer for Tecmo

Today, Square Enix will offer a bid for besieged developer, Tecmo. Kotaku is reporting that Square Enix is offering to buy shares at a 30 percent premium, and Tecmo has until September 4th to respond to the offer. If Tecmo chooses to decline Square Enix will peacefully withdraw the offer and go cry in a corner.

The acquisition would be a much more pleasant experience than what we have been experiencing in the U.S. between Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive, where public bashings have been a staple. Unlike Take-Two, Tecmo doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on after the loss of renowned developer Itagaki and president Yoshimi Yasuda.

I think at this point Square Enix is trying to get boobs, and I’m fine with that.  Very rarely am I impressed with anything Square Enix does outside of their RPG niche and certainly having the developer responsible for Dead or Alive, Fatal Frame, Ninja Gaiden, and Bad News Baseball will help fatten a slim portfolio. I find myself asking why this deal wouldn’t go through, and I can’t find any reasons. Instead, I’ll just privately hope for Dead or Alive Fantasy VII.

Brad BradNicholson