Square Enix just trademarked names that sound like Final Fantasy VII Remake developments

I think people are ready for more

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 when?

When Square Enix is good and ready! And possibly, in Square Enix fashion: after they capitalize on the Final Fantasy VII universe as much as possible.

A big development is happening behind the scenes, as Square Enix has apparently filed trademarks for “The First Soldier,” “Ever Crisis,” and the Shinra logo. These were filed in mid-December, but as per Gematsu, were just made public.

So there’s a few obvious possibilities here. “Crisis” most likely refers to Crisis Core, a mostly beloved PSP prequel for VII. Given that Zack will have some role to play in VII Remake, it’s safe to say that he’ll be popping up in some fashion. Are we finally going to get the Crisis Core remake folks have been wanting for over a decade? As Gematsu points out, “The First Soldier” is a Sephiroth reference, while the Shinra logo is more obvious, and could be a merch play, if it isn’t involved in the branding of any of these projects.

There’s so much going on with VII right now it’s kind of insane, and I don’t think Square Enix even knows what it wants. There’s probably a battle of the wills somewhere between some subset of creatives and suits: duking it out for the future of this franchise. I can see anything from another Final Fantasy VII movie to full-on remasters/remakes of every spinoff ever created for the universe coming to fruition as Square Enix tries to make VII fetch again.

Ever Crisis [Chizai Watch via Gematsu]

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