Square Enix is soooo bringing Final Fantasy IX to PSN

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Square Enix has been coy about a potential downloadable version of Final Fantasy IX, but it’s looking pretty damn obvious to us. With VII and VIII already on the PSN, there’s no reason for IX not to join them on the PSOne Classic channel, and new hints from producer Shinji Hashimoto all but confirm its arrival. 

Hashimoto was collecting opinions on FFIX via Twitter, and it seems quite clear that fans were gagging for it from the producer’s response: “Thanks to everyone for your opinions on FFIX. Regarding an FFIX download release, everyone is so passionate about it that I’ll be proposing it at the next board meeting. Look forward to next week!”

I would be very surprised if Hashimoto isn’t just messing around when he says he’ll “propose” something that must surely already be decided behind closed doors. In any case, it sounds like confirmation may come next week, which would be awesome. Final Fantasy IX is, far and away, my favorite Final Fantasy game. Its charm, originality, and cast of characters were among the strongest in RPG history. I will buy this as soon as it becomes available.

Strong Hints For Final Fantasy IX PSN Release [Andria Sang]

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