Square Enix is pushing the limits of Forspoken’s quippy dialogue (Update)

Forspoken's quippy dialogue

Yeah, I guess this is something I do now

When we last left Forspoken, the jury was still out on it, and it was delayed into 2023. I’m cautiously optimistic for some parts of it. But now it’s time for Forspoken‘s quippy dialogue to really face the music.

A lot of prospective fans have been waffling on the dialogue since it was announced, which can definitely teeter into the realm of overly-edgy. A new tweet this week from Square Enix, which showcased some gameplay and reminded us of the January 2023 release date, didn’t instill much confidence that things have improved.

Alright, so here’s the official Forspoken tweet:

  • “So let me get this straight”
  • “I’m seeing freaking dragons”
  • “And oh yeah I’m talking to a cuff”
  • “Yeah OK that is something I do now!”

It’s essentially a 2022 version of “record scratch: so you’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation,” right? While the narrative can still deliver, I’m not sure I can stand to listen to the constant quips. And this is before the game is out!

Various content creators have taken to roasting the promo, including the following choice videos:

At what point do people slide down the volume on Forspoken‘s quippy dialogue? I guess we’ll find out on January 24, 2023.

[Update: More parody videos have popped up since initial publication. You can watch them below.]




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