Square Enix is holding a poll asking if you want a NieR edition PS4 console


Platinum Games has had their hands full lately. Some would say that’s a bad thing, but I enjoyed Korra, Transformers, Star Fox Zero, and even Turtles to an extent (though less so than the others).

The next game they have on their plate though is NieR: Automata, which will debut in February in Japan, under the banner of Square Enix. Now, the publisher wants to know if people would be down for a NieR PS4 console, popping the question with an online poll (which still has an hour left bu the way at the time of this writing, and includes the options “I would buy it, I would buy two, I would buy one and a Pro, I wouldn’t ‘not] buy it” from top to bottom). Given the joking nature of the poll it might not mean anything as the console may already be in the works, but participation could end up being a barometer on whether or not to shelve it.

In other news, I misspelled the name “NieR” as “NiER,” and now all I’m thinking about is a George Clooney-led Dad sim in the same universe as this series.

NieR [Twitter via Siliconera]

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