Square Enix hops on the Steam train

Steam is the future, baby. And today they’ve announced that Square Enix has joined the huge list of companies to distribute their games on the download service.

A Headcrab and a Malboro did a high five when it was announced that Valve and Square Enix have teamed up for software distribution. The first PC game to kick things off for Square Enix on Steam is The Last Remnant, the RPG that was released on the Xbox 360 some time back. Pricing will be announced later. Square Enix will announce more titles in the future. 

“We are excited to offer the millions of Steam customers online access to Square Enix titles beginning with our major action RPG, The Last Remnant,” said John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Inc. and Square Enix Ltd.

“Square Enix is committed to delivering the best quality titles to PC gamers and distribution on Steam is one of the many steps we are taking to increase accessibility for fans in North America and PAL territories.”

Let’s see, what else could they release? Hey, that reminds me of an old game: did any of you buy Final Fantasy VII on the PC? I did…just because.

Dale North