Square Enix has some pre-E3 game announcements lined up

So much goes on at E3 that it is sometimes good to announce a few things before the show starts, as not to overwhelm attendees. According to the Square Enix downloadable games Twitter account, there’s going to be some announcements before E3 hits.

“Looks like there will be some announcements about DLG before E3. Can’t wait.”

One of them is probably the duo of strange bear-throwing WiiWare games, named Kumanage (pictured above). We told you earlier that the ESRB logo was found on the Japanese teaser site for the games, so that’s even more evidence. Siliconera also points to an OFLC rating that points to a new Space Invaders game, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene.

If these are pre-E3 announcements then we’re going to hear about them either tomorrow or next week, as it all kicks off on the 14th with Microsoft’s press conference.

Dale North