Square Enix goes scary with upcoming DS title The Game With No Name

I certainly don’t rely on Square-Enix for my dose of creepy, but if they can execute their successful formula within a new genre, we may have something to get excited about here. The recently announced game is called Geemu no Nanatsu DS (The Game With No Name) and will come out in Japan on July 3rd. I’m honestly not so sure we can expect this title to make it to the states, as horror games are more popular in Japan than they are here, but since there are few portable horror titles on the American market I think it would certainly be welcome.

All we know about the premise is that it was clearly written by a fan of Hideo Nakata’s superlative Japanese film Ringu (remade in America as The Ring): anyone who plays the game will die a week after doing so. I find myself a little reserved about this part of it as Japan is also responsible for an onslaught of poor J-horror films due to the success of Ringu, so I’m hoping that Square can do more with this title than just the usual copycat.

What is exciting is that the game is said to mimic the DS menu, sending you unexpected messages and likely scaring the bejesus out of you. I love this concept; not since Eternal Darkness (Sanity Meter FTW!) have I seen another game successfully execute it though. We’ll bring you more on this mysterious title as it comes to light, but I for one would be thrilled to see more games of this type come out (in the meantime, I’ll just keep replaying the Fatal Frame series.)

[Via Nintendic — Thanks Jonathan]

Colette Bennett