Square Enix gives us a long look at the new Deus Ex’s gameplay ahead of E3

Oh, I’ve been to Prague

Well, I haven’t “been to Prague” been to Prague, but I have watched this 17-minute Deus Ex: Mankind Divided video. The Czech town serves as the game’s hub as Adam Jensen runs around the City 17-like dystopia. As the developer-guided demo notes, you can either get excited — all uptight and violent — or opt for more pacifist ideals like electrocuting guards to definitely-not-death.

Square Enix is hitting the Deus Ex campaign trail hard today, surely eager to capture everyone’s attention before E3 next week. Other Deus Ex happenings are the unveiling of the new Breach mode and the reveal of Deus Ex GO. We had a chance to go hands-on with both of those things, so click those fancy hyperlinks if you’re interested in reading about them. 

Brett Makedonski
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