Square Enix apologizes for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles’ busted multiplayer

Fixes incoming

Three days. For three days, CJ tried to find some online multiplayer friends to run dungeons alongside in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. He never made a friend. The complete inability to play with others severely affected the review score — although, it wasn’t so much the busted functionality but rather a misunderstanding of how local multiplayer made the original great.

Whether it’ll salvage the experience or not, Square Enix is promising to fix the networking problems. Director Araki Ryoma wrote a letter on Square Enix’s site that addresses all the persistent issues that have popped up. “First of all, the situation where players were unable to play immediately after launch was caused by our servers going over capacity,” Ryoma explained. “We ran maintenance to increase that server capacity on August 29, which has led to comparatively stable running thereafter. Going forward, we will move to address any further server issues as required.”

Ryoma also pledged to fix the many bugs that plague the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster, committing to a cadence of updates that will get the game in a better state. However, no specific schedule was divulged.

More functional, yes — no one argues that the updates will eventually improve the way it works. But will Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles ever make its players happy without undertaking the monumental task of adding local co-op? The quibbles are more fundamental than some broken netcode.

Here are the patch notes for the first Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles which will launch sometime between mid- and late September:

All platforms:

  • Fixes for the issue where players will count as already having spawned an unknown element hotspot after being matched with a player who has spawned one and completed a dungeon in multiplayer.

  • Fixes for the issue where items can be obtained infinitely.

  • Ability for the hosting player to skip boss introduction cut scenes and myrrh drop scenes in multiplayer.

Android and iOS versions:

  • Improvements to the frequency of freezes during loading.
  • Ability to skip boss introduction cut scenes and myrrh drop scenes in single play.

A message from the developers of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition [Square Enix]

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