Square Enix announces Song Summoner, an RPG for your iPod

Do I want to play games on a phone, MP3 player or digitized flat screen installed on the inside of my eyelid? As tempting as the last one may be to some, all three are unappealing to this gamer, who prefers to do it the old-fashioned way — with a controller, a giant television and a weekend to fritter away. If you like the idea of portable gaming (not to mention portable RPGs), however, this news ought to sit well with you.

Square Enix have announced their first RPG for the iPod, Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes. The title is exclusive to the iPod and takes an unusual approach to the usual grind and adventure — the game uses your player’s songs and makes “Tune Troopers” with them, which can then be used in battles. You can also level the troopers up by listening to the same song you created them with. A pretty creative approach, to say the least!

The game comes out today on iTunes and can be downloaded for $4.99. I have to admit, I’m curious despite my aversion to gaming on an iPod, as the concept is pretty unique. Also, any kind of gaming can seem appealing when you are trapped on an airplane for five hours (and you all know this happens more frequently than I would like). Yay or nay to iPod gaming, Dtoiders?

[Via Joystiq — Thanks, Brian]

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