Square Enix announces Lord of Arcana for PSP

Not content to let Capcom hog all the multiplayer action-RPG fun, Square Enix has announced Lord of Arcana, a game that promises to push the PSP’s graphical capabilities “to the limit” and aims to provide four-player antics on a local connection. No online? Boooooo!

Lack of online aside, Arcana looks pretty sexy. The game puts players in the Underworld, where they have to fight monsters, undertake quests, and ultimately obtain the power of Arcana, whatever that is. Apparently a “host of gaming design legends” are backing this title up as well, so pedigree should be assured. 

Ongoing DLC, customizable weapons, and “hours” of missions are all on the cards, so it seems Square Enix is going all out here. Considering how great Chaos Rings was, I’m really interested in Square Enix’s portable gaming department, far more than I am for its home console stuff. 

Does this sound like a thing you’d enjoy or not? Tell us quickly, we haven’t got all day!

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