Spyro Reignited Trilogy sells 10 million

It’s a celebration of the infamous, wisecracking purple dragon!

In a post on Twitter, the official account for Spyro the Dragon announced that Spyro Reignited Trilogy has sold through a whopping 10 million units globally since its launch in 2018. The announcement was made as part of the famed purple dragon’s 25th anniversary celebration, leading up to Spyro Community Day on September 8. 

According to a post on Twitter by user @Canadianguyehh, which was retweeted in solidarity by the Spyro the Dragon account, Spyro Community Day is meant as a celebration of the beloved mascot. Fans are encouraged to “show off some new art, tell your favorite story, Speed run, Livestream the game, cry for a sequel, and everything in-between!”

In addition to this significant sales milestone, the team behind the Reignited Trilogy has made the game’s soundtrack available via Spotify. With 45 songs from across the three games, it’s sure to get you in the mood to boot the game up — which you can now do in the Nintendo Switch Blockbuster Sale, where the Reignited Trilogy can be picked up for 60% off its normal price.

Will there be a new Spyro game?

It should be asked if this celebration could result in the announcement of something new for the Spyro series. As of writing, nothing has been confirmed, but if this announcement is any indication, the fans really want another adventure with the wisecracking purple dragon.

If anything more is announced—be it a new game, or a remaster of Enter the Dragonfly—in the lead-up to Spyro Community Day, we’ll be certain to update this page accordingly. 

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