Spyro Reignited Trilogy burns Red Dead Redemption 2 to top the UK Charts

Jeez, now he’s gonna be even smugger

I should’ve seen it coming, of course it was going to happen. We’re the country who put Crash Bandicoot back on top, for months, two years in a row. Yes indeed, folks, Spyro the Dragon is flying high, as Spyro: Reignited Trilogy has succeeded in toppling Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 from the number one spot of the UK Charts.

The flame-throwing hero has surpassed multiple major releases from recent months, as well as beating out competition from Bethesda’s online adventure Fallout 76, which landed at number three, Nintendo’s Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, debuting at number four (closely followed by pal Eevee at number six), and Warner Bros. Hitman 2, which barely scraped into the Top Ten.

Regarding the latest adventures of Agent 47, it is reported that physical sales of Hitman 2 are down an amazing 90% over the series’ last physical release, 2012’s Absolution, further telling the tale of the decline of physical purchases in recent years. In regards to Pokemon, it’s very important to note that the sales of Pikachu and Eevee, when combined, outsold all other titles this week.

Congrats to the little dragon with the annoying Dreamworks face. Enjoy your return to the spotlight.

U.K. video game sales chart w/e: November 17 2018
(Chart reflects in-store sales only)

1. Spyro Reignited Trilogy – Activision
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 –
Take 2
3. Fallout 76 – Bethesda
4. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu – Nintendo
5. FIFA 19 – Electronic Arts
6. Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee – Nintendo
7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Activision
8. Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle – Warner Bros. Interactive
9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo
10. Hitman 2 – Warner Bros Interactive.

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