Spyborgs gameplay is full of punching and shooting

I may be in the minority here, but I’m really looking forward to Spyborgs. Not so sure why as our impressions of the game aren’t too impressive, but something about the game speaks to me. Maybe I’m just looking forward to some mindless beating of mindless enemies whose only method of attack is to run at you and take swings. If you’re in the mood for the same thing then these two gameplay videos for the game should cheer you up.

We’re told that these two videos (one above, one below) show off the bromance in the game, which means that two of the male characters are featured. I seriously doubt there will be actual bromance in the game, but it is a nice way to show off the co-op combos. We’ve seen a few that look cool and the one in this trailer is a total exception. Really, not the best combo ever. I except more explosions and awesome aerial gymnastics in my co-op combos. Oh well, still looking forward to this.

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