Spread holiday cheer by taking down the Death Star for double XP

DLC free for the weekend

Star Wars Battlefront may not be the most fully featured game around, but it definitely covers a lot of the highlights from the original trilogy. Sadly, most of those highlights are locked behind a season pass, so many gamers won’t ever have the chance to relive iconic scenes. For this weekend, in addition to hosting a double XP event, EA and DICE are letting players experience the Death Star DLC for free.

Starting on the 23rd and running until the end of Christmas, any interested players will be able to login to Battlefront and receive an immediate 5,000 credit bonus along with being able to enjoy the climactic battle of the Death Star. While two days isn’t really a lot of time, jumping in for some after-holiday dogfights sounds like a fun time. If you’re worried about downloading any large files beforehand, fear not; the Death Star DLC is contained in one of the numerous updates to the game, so you’ll only need to search through the appropriate playlist to get started.

Star Wars: Battlefront – play the Death Star expansion free and get double score this weekend [VG24/7]

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