Spotify is now on the Epic Games Store, and we can ‘expect more non-game applications’ in the future

Epic expands their reach

We’ve seen gaming platforms expand beyond the scope of gaming in the past.

Microsoft banked the entire last generation on entertainment perks. The Wii had Netflix, and you needed a disc for it (I still have it!). Steam added full-on films and a ton of other non-gaming apps to its service a while back. Now, the Epic Games Store is joining the fray.

Announced this morning, the popular music/podcast streaming service Spotify is now available on the Epic Games Store: so you can listen to/complain about Joe Rogan in real time. Naturally it’s free, so all you need to do is add it to your account and it’ll be listed as an app. I just tried it! It’s called “Spotify Music,” and it’ll show up with all of your other apps (there doesn’t seem to be a filter for it yet).

An Epic rep has informed Destructoid that we can “expect more non-game applications” to hit the storefront in the future. At this point, anything is possible. Epic wants people sticking exclusively to their launcher, perusing around after a game or two of Fortnite and the like. Expect it to get even bigger than it already has in 2021.

Spotify [Epic Games Store]

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