Spoilers! This Uncharted 4 trailer is story-heavy

Who are all you people!?

Obviously don’t watch this if you don’t want to know more about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End‘s story, even though the last year has revealed a number of important characters (Nate’s brother!) and events. And there’s the whole, It’d be ‘really hard’ to bring Nathan Drake back after Uncharted 4 thing. I guess don’t read the preceding paragraph if you didn’t want to know that, either. 

Anyways, is handsome, old Spanish man new? I’ve missed him up until this point. Actually I’ve missed that prissy, Tom Hiddleston-looking blond that’s apparently antagonist, too. Nadine Ross was revealed in December. Also damn look at that underwater section with the dope ass pirate ship, I wonder how the underwater swimming controls work (I feel like Tomb Raider kind of narrows the range of motion to make things less finicky).

A Thief’s End was delayed into April. It comes out April 26 with a $400 limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle (still 500GB for some damn reason; Europe gets the 1TB hard drive).

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