Spoilers: Superman may die in this Death of Superman trailer!

Shocking, I know

Arguably one of the biggest events in comics was when Superman died in the ’90s. I know that a lot of people tend to just shrug their shoulders at death in comic books, but Superman was one of the few characters that just didn’t die. How could he die, and why would you kill the face of the medium himself? Well, DC decided to kill him off, and it was so big that even mainstream media outlets covered the event. And now nearly 25 years later, the story is getting an animated feature… again!

DC started its animated universe with “The Death of Superman,” told as a one and done feature called Superman: Doomsday, where the Man of Steel died for all of 20 minutes. Here, DC decided to split the story into two movies, the first of which just got a nice trailer. We see Superman being Superman, Doomsday coming to Earth, the Justice League failing to fight him and… yeah that’s about it. And honestly, that’s probably going to be all of it for the movie. Part 1 is going to deal with Superman dying and Part 2, titled Reign of the Supermen, is going to show how he came back and all of the weird crap that follows. Seriously, it’s going to be a weird time when Reign of the Supermen comes out. 

The Death of Superman releases digitally on July 24, 2018, with a physical release coming August 7, 2018. No word yet on when Reign of the Superman will release outside of a vague 2019 release.

Jesse Lab