Split-screen co-op confirmed for Lost Planet 2

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The latest issue of Famitsu confirms that Capcom was able to integrate offline split-screen co-op into Lost Planet 2‘s main story mode. Awesome! For a game so heavily invested in multiplayer shenanigans, this was an absolute must. Honestly, it’s practically an interactive buddy cop flick in space.

There’s one issue, though: Lost Planet 2 will use the same split-screen setup that Resident Evil 5 had. Rather than cropping the two screens, it presents each in their original aspect ratio by shrinking them down. I took the liberty of creating a mockup using Albert Wesker.

To be fair, the inclusion of split-screen in any form is better than none. And considering how few games offer the feature these days, we’ll take what we can get.

Lost Planet 2 Features Split Screen Offline Co-op [Andria Sang]

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