Split Reason unveils a virtual cornucopia of new gamer tees

You guys know I can’t stand tacky gamer fashion. There’s just too many people out there with silkscreening machines and terrible senses of humor. Split Reason, on the other hand, seem to have both style and comedy down to a science (and I’m not saying that just because they made some of our tees!).

Their newest assortment includes some hilarious must haves, my favorites being Slot Machine and the Head Stomp Beanie, but there is also something that a lot of gamers are going to be majorly thrilled to see: new Zero Punctuation tees! I’d go for Pants On Head Retarded, but since I look like a cancer patient in yellow, I think I may go with the basic logo tee. There’s a lot worse ways you could fritter away $20.

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