Splishy splash, this week’s Epic freebies have an ocean and a storm

WAF (Wet-ass freebies)

One Epic freebie this week is extremely chill. The other? Extremely not chill. Opposites attract or something. Both are waterlogged.

Abzu and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam are both free on the Epic Games Store this week. Abzu is a mostly-relaxing swim through the sea where you’ll marvel at underwater creatures and try to unravel an obscure mystery about civilization’s downfall. This promotion comes just one month before Abzu developer Giant Squid debuts its next game, The Pathless, as a PS5 launch game.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is less about taking it easy and soaking in the sights. It’s a large-scale multiplayer shooter that recreates battles of the Vietnam War. It’s asymmetric in its gameplay, leaving players to execute different roles and operate different machinery. 

Next week’s Epic games ramp up the spooky Halloween vibes. At least partially. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is half of the Epic giveaway. The other half is beloved micro-strategy game Kingdom: New Lands.

Abzu, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam [Epic Games Store]

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