Splinter Cell: Conviction special edition discounted

Ubisoft has announced that they’ll be taking ten dollars off the price of the Splinter Cell: Conviction special edition package in North America, bringing its price down from $80 to $70. The decision was made when it was discovered that, in a random sampling of units, a number of the included USB drives failed to function.

Speaking to Gamespot, a representative from Ubisoft would not say what percentage of the drives are affected. They did state that the bonus materials intended to be on the drives, including concept art and a making-of documentary, would be made available for download this coming Thursday, April 15th.

A shame that some drives are defective, but good for Ubisoft for getting right out in front of this issue and doing something about it. USB thumb drives may be a dime a dozen and I know that this news wouldn’t necessarily affect my decision to purchase, but when you promise a feature and can’t deliver on it, this is the right thing to do.

Splinter Cell: Conviction CE cheapened by defective USB drives [Gamespot AU via GamesIndustry]

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