Splinter Cell: Conviction demo sneaks out this January

At a Ubisoft event in New York City yesterday, the excitable and amazing Hip Hop Gamer has confirmed that a demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this January. 

“Just January for now,” he was told when pushed for a specific date. Still, the vague “January” is better than nothing. January is only 31 days long, and the game ships on February 23. The wait, it seems, is finally almost over. 

I had attended the same event, and unfortunately, the demo unit for Splinter Cell: Conviction was down. (Insert rusty trombone sound here.) That’s too bad, because I’m already impressed with the game’s unique presentation and visual style, and was hoping to get some hands on time with it.

I did get to spend some time chatting with Hip Hop Gamer who is easily one of my favorite people to see at press events, hands down. His passion and excitement for what he’s doing and the games he’s seeing is unmatched. Also, he’ll do on the spot push ups to show his enthusiasm for a game. Awesome.

Nick Chester