Splinter Cell 6 casually mentioned to be in production

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Jade Raymond mentions Ubisoft’s Toronto studio is working on Splinter Cell 6. In a video posted on Ontario.ca, she talks about working on the title while talking about their new studio. They opened the new Toronto studio with 83 employees at the moment, with a plan of 800 people working there in the next two years. It’s fun to work there, because they hold Nerf fights.

The only thing you can see about the actual game is part of a CG video that shows Sam Fisher playing piano and something about a car approaching at night. And that’s all there was to this video really.

Are you ready for a new Splinter Cell? As someone who doesn’t normally like stealth games, I quite enjoyed Splinter Cell: Conviction. I do hope it will be a bit longer this time around though, but I loved the things they did with the presentation in that game.

The Ubisoft Toronto website and Party Video should remove any doubt you may have about this studio working on the next Splinter Cell.

[Jade Raymond making Splinter Cell 6, via Eurogamer]

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