Splatterhouse site relaunches, promises new trailer

The website for Splatterhouse, the upcoming reboot (I have to say that word a lot more these days than I used to) of … Splatterhouse, has updated with a gorier new look. They’ve also announced that a brand new trailer for the game will be airing on GameTrailers TV tonight at 12:30 am. Spiffy!

I like the story of Rick and his mask. I like just about any story with an untrustworthy narrator, really, but I just watched Videodrome for the umpteenth time last night and it’s on my mind. I just dig the idea that, despite knowing that what Rick perceives as a result of his encounter with that mask and the power it grants him, he keeps coming back to it. And it’s going to lie to him again. 

Seriously, there’s some fertile narrative ground in Splatterhouse that hasn’t really been tapped yet. I might be hoping too much by thinking this game could feature something truly shocking beyond its violence, but it’s hope that keeps us alive.

World exclusive trailer debuts tonight on Game Trailers TV  [Splatterhouse Game]

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