Splatterhouse on track for an ‘early 2010’ release

Imagine my disappointment when Namco Bandai’s current-gen, third-person reboot of Splatterhouse wasn’t at the publisher’s pre-E3 events. Now picture me crying in the middle of the Los Angeles Convention Center when I was told that it also wouldn’t be at E3. 

So seriously, where the f**k is Splatterhouse at? Last we heard, earlier this year the game was pulled from original developer Bottlerocket. Namco Bandai has told Siliconera that the game is being targeted for an “early 2010” release, and is being developed internally by Namco Bandai games. Why wasn’t at E3? Because the team is working on a full game, not a demo, dummy! Obviously.

As a fan of the original 2D side-scrolling titles, I realize what a disaster a Splatterhouse re-imagining could be. And based on the early looks at the game, I wasn’t filled with the utmost confidence in where the project was headed. But I’m certainly curious enough that I want to see it hit shelves. They were promising that the game’s lead, Rick, could lose limbs and tissue, and then regenerate it in real time! Uh, yes please.  

Nick Chester