Splatter animals with vehicles in the demo-less Far Cry 2

Producer for Far Cry 2 Louis-Pierre Pharand told Eurogamer today that there would not be a demo for any version of Far Cry 2. His reasoning behind forgoing a demo is fairly standard for open world games. He said that it “became too complex” and instead of eating up development time, he would rather put development efforts “into the game so everyone can enjoy a better, more polished experience.”

Pharand isn’t a heartbreaker though. After spilling the unfortunate demo news, he was quick to boast about Far Cry 2:

I’m not too shy to say that no one else can deliver what we will in a few weeks on PC and consoles: 50 square kilometres of open-world, no loading and sick graphics.

Of course, the most important tidbit that came out of the chat was the fact that players will be able to run over animals in the game. It wasn’t specified what kind of animals, but I’m of the mind that running over any animal is better than nothing. I’ll cross my fingers and hope for zebra. I hate zebra.

Brad BradNicholson