Splatoon’s servers have held up fairly well at launch

Hopefully they’ll stay that way

Splatoon is finally here. There’s been quite a bit of community buzz regarding the game, and in my view, it turned out to be a pretty great shooter despite the fact that it’s a bit light on content at launch.

The really good news though is that the online servers, an area Nintendo isn’t typically well-versed in, are stable. I’ve been jumping in and out of games all day, and they fill up almost instantly, allowing you to get in and out fairly quickly. There have been a few intermittent errors every so often, but they seem to get ironed out minutes later by quitting to the plaza. We’ll provide more info if anything changes but there’s no major disasters to report at the moment.

While you’re splatting away, remember that playing the story mode will net you a few pieces of gear to use online, as well as grant you access to any hidden collectible weapons you pick up. Here are some more tips to help you out online.

Chris Carter
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