Splatoon’s new mode is like king of the hill with a twist

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One of the primary criticisms of Splatoon upon release was its lack of variation in online game modes. Nintendo’s been slowly working to fix that, as it has a set of free updates scheduled through August. Another of those goes live tomorrow, and it introduces Tower Control.

Available in Ranked Battle, Tower Control is defined by maps with one floating tower in the center. The objective is to hop on it — ideally en force — and ride it toward the opponent’s base. Holding the tower takes you further into enemy territory — closer to victory, but also closer to more people looking to splat you. Teamwork should prove necessary as it’s pretty damn easy for the other side to tell when a single person is on the tower because, oh hey, look! It’s moving again!

Tower Control will be added on July 1 at 7 pm Pacific. There’s an early showing by Treehouse today at 3 pm Pacific on Nintendo’s Twitch channel. Get ready to go paint the town.

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