Splatoon Squid Sisters cosplay staaaays fresh

‘Hold on to your tentacles’

Splatoon‘s “Squid Sisters” Callie and Marie (or Aori and Hotaru, as they’re known in Japan) seem to be a big hit with the Comiket crowd, as there are more than a few pairs of cosplayers have been spotted wandering around this weekend’s otakufest in Tokyo dressed as the Inkopolis News hosts.

『コミケ88』1日目のコスプレフォトレポートその2 屈強な男性レイヤーさん、美しくかわいい女性レイヤーさんなど [なんだかおもしろい, M_Schmitt1, Ryo403965, M_wxy, Sukima Fantasy, Naxato, OR_ele]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson