Splatoon Splatfest promo is really just a Squid Sisters music video

Any excuse for some Callie and Marie

Splatoon‘s first U.S. Splatfest is set to launch on June 20th, and Nintendo wants you to get invovled. For those whodon’t know, the Splatfest is sort of like the Everybody Votes! Wii Channel of old, but instead of casting your ballot with a click of a button, you pledge your allegiance by playing a match. Smash 4 does something similar with its Conquest mode, but instead of siding with a particular character, Splatoon‘s teams are themed around various arbitrary subjects. First up — Cats. Vs. Dogs! 

You’d think that particular conflict would be the focus of Nintendo’s promotion for the event, but they’ve instead opted to put out a weird music video starring The Squid Sisters, Splatoon‘s unavoidable, love-them-or-hate-them pop star newscasters. We also get a look at a nighttime huge city environment that’s not accessible in the actual game in any way that I’m aware of. I wish that it were though. My number one hope for a Splatoon sequel is a bigger world to explore in the single player campaign. I suppose more Judd wouldn’t be bad either #TeamCats.

Jonathan Holmes
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