Splatoon is adding new weapons in time for tonight’s Splatfest

Another Zapper and brush

Tonight at 9:00pm Pacific, Splatoon players will begin battling to determine which is better: water slides or roller coasters. I don’t think as many people will have the level of intensity that we saw in the cats vs. dogs Splatfest, but when Super Sea Snails are on the line, anything is possible.

Nintendo is rolling out two new weapons tonight as well. The first is the N-ZAP ’89, modeled after the real-world orange NES Zapper. It was “redesigned for… well, definitely not legal reasons. No siree. Nothing to see here. Lawyers definitely did not have anything to do with this.”

The second weapon, the Octobrush, is said to fling even more ink than its ilk. It comes with the still-pretty-damn-good Kraken ability, so I’ll at least test it out.

Jordan Devore
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