Splatoon 3 will have a reworked banner and title system for multiplayer

Splatoon 3 multiplayer

“You’ll unlock new banners and titles as you play”

Splatoon 3 multiplayer is getting an upgrade, as Nintendo has announced a new banner and title system that adds a little more personality into the mix.

Shown off on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account this week, customization is headed to the “next level,” as folks will be able to swap a combo of banners and titles. This is a feature found in many other multiplayer games for the past decade or more, but for Nintendo, it’s an upgrade.

In short, you’ll be able to unlock banners and titles throughout the course of your progression in the game, and eight banner designs have been shown off so far (a combination of wallpaper-like symbols, and colors). You can combine them with monikers too, similar to Call of Duty or fighting games. The ones revealed so far include Splatsville’s, Inkless, Big-Money, and Attention-Seeking as the prefixes; and Office Drone, Man-o-Wardrobe Regular, Fashionista, and Turf Warrior as the suffixes. In simple terms, you can combine them for names like “Big-Money Turf Warrior.”

Again this sort of Splatoon 3 multiplayer advancement is kind of basic in general gaming terms, but it could show us a taste of what’s to come for quality-of-life updates for the third iteration.

Chris Carter
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