Splatoon 3 just got a minor patch that fixes friend list issues

No more errant notifications

With Nintendo continuing their ascent into the online world, there’s bound to be snafus every so often: especially with first party games. Splatoon 3 had one minor issue pop up recently, and it involved friend lists.

The popular “ghosting” or “appear offline” feature has been standard in PC games/PC platforms for many years, but consoles were slower to the take. While the feature exists now on major platforms, it doesn’t always go as planned. In Splatoon 3‘s case, some users were reporting that notifications would be sent to their friends, despite the fact that they had their public appearance settings locked down to “best friends only,” or “share my status with no one.”

As of this week, that should be fixed now thanks to patch 3.0.1. I told you it was a minor update! Either way if this was happening to you, breathe easy.

Splatoon 3 Version 3.0.1 – Released March 8, 2023 (Full patch notes)

Fixes to Notifications

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused notifications to be sent to a user’s friends, even if that friend’s system Friend Settings were set to only display their online status to “Best Friends” or “No One.”
    • If a user and their friends are connected to the same Pool, notifications will continue to display regardless of their Friend Settings.

Note: Compatible with Ver. 3.0.0 battle replays. Not compatible with Ver. 2.1.1 or earlier battle replays.

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